Architectural Extensions

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What every Architect needs... Architectural Extensions. Includes Photo Survey, Sections & Views, PowerDimensions. Photo Survey, the first of three powerful toolsets allows you to rectify photos with only four measured points. So you can rapidly obtain an in-scale photo or in-scale representation of the photo after you have traced over the original photos significant objects with PowerCADD’s standard tools. One of the most annoying things when drawing, e.g. a house, is to draw sections and views after you have just drawn the elevation. You need to project elements and trace it on a proper vertical plane. Sections & Views speeds up this work allowing you to trace over the elevation drawing and draw directly into a vertical plane representation in the position that you want. Adding and changing dimensions can be a daunting task but with Power Dimensions it is an easy and pain-free process. Even if you change a dimension, Power Dimensions will automatically recalculate the dimensions for you - and more. Like a third hand this Powerful bundle of tools will save you time and money every time you use them.